Give us a Million
Men and Women
and We’ll Change the World

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Our Goals:
- 1 -
Raise the Age of Military Service, as High as Our Numbers Justify, especially in High Risk Positions....READ MORE

- 2 -
Give back to our military what is and should be one of the most basic rights of any American: the right to decide for oneself, if one wishes to fight in a specific conflict. The law should prevent the President from going off half-cocked and starting a war on his own, because he’s temporarily lost his mind (Bush Jr.) or has become politically compromised (Kennedy/Johnson). Technically, Congress should be able to do this. But they failed in both Iraq and Vietnam. We must give this power to the military as well, the President cannot order us to fight against our will, we must agree to it....READ MORE

- 3 -
Make a 100,000 strong Facebook network within 2-3 years, then get wider press coverage.  When we’re at 100,000, publish a book, lay out our proposal before a national audience.

- 4 -
Form small local exercise groups to encourage each other to STAY IN SHAPE.  When we have enough numbers of those over 40 who can pass the physical fitness exam for basic training make the case to the country, Congress, and the military, that there’s no need for an under forty to ever be harmed in war again.

- 5 -
Make the military (and military training) a more organic part of American life, so that the burden of service doesn’t land so heavily on just the military and their families.  At the same time this would give our overweight, lazy and self-indulgent civilian population more of the benefit of military training, discipline and attitude, as well as an understanding of the global issues which face us in the modern world (these are not so much issues of war any more, but more of global policing, and there is a huge difference in tactics and understanding between the two).